Bitcoin In Bali Community

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Gary began his career in the software development tools space. His career progression led to work in the field of Internet payments and card scheme payment processing for the video game industry in California. In this capacity he discovered the existence of Bitcoin through an article in Wired Magazine called “The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin
A year after reading that article, Gary quit his job to learn and promote the technology and ideals behind Bitcoin. He soon came to realize that Bitcoin was more appealing to the developing world where credit card schemes and the US dollar were not as available to the masses. Many of the value propositions of Bitcoin were more appealing to those who suffered from exclusion from 1st world banking and capital markets.
In 2014, Gary relocated to Bali, Indonesia to kick off the “Bitcoins in Bali” community project. He hosted a weekly meetup and created some simple open source point of sale Bitcoin software so that local businesses could accept Bitcoin as payment. After several years of promotion, dozens of businesses were accepting Bitcoin as payment for products and services in Bali. Sadly, in the fall of 2017 a combination of high Bitcoin fees and explicit direction from the Bank of Indonesia the project was put on hold indefinitely.