Gary Dykstra

In 2014, Gary relocated to Bali, Indonesia to kick off the “Bitcoins in Bali” community project. He hosted a weekly meetup and created some simple open source point of sale Bitcoin software so that local businesses could accept Bitcoin as payment. After several years of promotion, dozens of businesses were accepting Bitcoin as payment for products and services in Bali. Sadly, in the fall of 2017 a combination of high Bitcoin fees and explicit direction from the Bank of Indonesia the project was put on hold indefinitely.

Fajar Faturrahman

FAJAR FATURRAHMAN Bitcoin Enthusiast , IT Consultant Twitter Icon Fajar Fathurrahman currently works as Senior Solution Architect in Red Hat, an open-source company. He focuses on many technologies like Linux, Internet architecture, software-defined networks, Containers, Kubernetes, software-defined storage, and many open-source projects. Fajar grew up in Jakarta Indonesia and studied electrical engineering at Bandung Institute …

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BAEKCHAN Kpop Artist & Producer, 8eight Twitter Icon SVG Icon Baekchan is a K-pop singer, lyricist and composer. He was a member of 8eight, a famous K-pop group in Korea under Big Hit Entertainment. After finishing his career in 8eight, he is now actively focusing his time on composing and spreading the message about Bitcoin …

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Mu’awwiyah Tucker

MU’AWWIYAH TUCKER Founder, Meta Madeenah Twitter Icon SVG Icon Youtube icon Mu’aawiyah Tucker is an accomplished educator in Islamic law, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. Since 2006, he has been teaching Arabic and Islamic studies, and later expanded his expertise into computing, Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, with a focus on the Islamic perspective.  Mu’aawiyah holds …

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Jack Lee

JACK LEE Managing Partner, HCM Capital Twitter Icon SVG Icon Jack Lee is Managing Partner of HCM Capital. Jack has been investing from 2016 across Blockchain, Digital Assets space, into recent years focusing on Bitcoin. He was an investment banker with major US banks in early career, then working with Foxconn for over a decade on …

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Dea Rezkitha

DEA REZKITHA Founder, Kelas Bitcoin Twitter Icon SVG Icon Dea Rezkitha is an Indonesian Bitcoin educator and podcast host. Dea also works on Kelas Bitcoin, an educational platform that caters to an Indonesian-based audience with various resources including articles, videos, and in-person meetups. She discusses topics around money, business, finance, and Bitcoin. Apart from managing Kelas …

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