2023 Speakers

Ethan Rose

ETHAN ROSE CEO & Founder, Pouch Twitter Icon SVG Icon Ethan fell into the Bitcoin rabbit hole in 2020 after observing that the governments replaced economic output (the covid lockdowns) with “stimulus”. Since Ethan often went to the Philippines and sent money from the US to the Philippines, he realized how Bitcoin and the lightning …

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Yusuf Nessary

Yusuf Nessary Co-founder, Built With Bitcoin Twitter Icon SVG Icon Yusuf’s Bitcoin journey began when he was running a previous fiat-based, non-profit organization and someone donated a large amount. It was flagged as fraud. Required a conversation with the donor and they responded with: “Do you accept Bitcoin?”. He had no idea what Bitcoin was …

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Stephan Livera

STEPHAN LIVERA Head of Education, Swan Bitcoin Twitter Icon SVG Icon Stephan Livera hosts one of Bitcoin’s leading podcasts (Stephan Livera Podcast), and he is also Head of Education, Swan Bitcoin. Stephan is also a partner in Bitcoiner Ventures. He contributes for various outlets and publications, such as Bitcoin Magazine, Mises Institute as well as …

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