The First  Bitcoin Virtual Conference in Indonesia 


Join the Indonesia Bitcoin Conference with speakers from various fields to discuss about the future of Bitcoin and its applications

This conference is designed to strengthen the Bitcoin community in Indonesia, both local and international, for individuals and companies


Why join this conference? 


  • Be part of a historical moment and join the first ever Bitcoin conference in Indonesia 
  • Get the most comprehensive information about Bitcoin and its future trends
  • Get insights about the Bitcoin adoption in Indonesia
  • Get the playbook and video recording with lifetime access
  • Network with Indonesian and International Bitcoiners  through an exclusive telegram group 


What will happen in Bitcoin in the future? We will foresee possible scenarios that will affect Bitcoin.  

Does mining still profitable? How we as Indonesian can compete to secure the Bitcoin network and gaining profits

How is the development of Bitcoin second layer, Lightning Network? We will explore the use case of Bitcoin for our everydays life. 

Can companies in Indonesia own Bitcoin in their balance sheet? What is the advantages of owning Bitcoin for companies.

What are the changes from the planned Bursa Kripto Indonesia and the differences between the government operated exchange versus the privates one? What does it means for Bitcoin? 

On Chain Analysis is the more comprehensive tools to read the market than Technical Analysis. Join the basic workshop of On-Chain Analysis

Bitcoin is closely related to privacy and human rights. How the use of Bitcoin can help humanitarian activities and for society

To understand Bitcoin we must first understand the history and function of money.


Dr. Saifedean Ammous

Author of The Bitcoin Standard

Robert Breedlove

Founder dan CEO Parralax Digital

Danny Taniwan

Co-Founder Cryptowatch

Marcus Lim

CEO & Co-Founder Zipmex

Oscar Darmawan

CEO Indodax


CMO & Co-Founder Rekeningku

Artur Schaback

Co-Founder and COO Paxful

Christopher Tahir

Co-Founder Cryptowatch
Host Duit Pintar

Aa Utap


Lawrence Samantha

CEO & Founder NOBI

Vinsensius Sitepu

Pemimpin Redaksi
Blockchain Media

Jay Jayawijayaningtyas

Country Manager Luno

Eugene Ng

Head of Business Development Gemini

Nayoko Wicaksono

Commissioner Zipmex Indonesia


Partners Crypstocks

Muawwiyah Tucker


Niki Sekar D.

Community & Engagement Lead Coinvestasi

Ayip Helmy

Bitcoin Miner

Shabrina Adani

Business Development Manager Pintu


Dea Rezkitha

Founder Kelas Bitcoin
Host My Bitcoin Story

Hendry Mualim

Founder Konsultan BTC

Kinansyah Pramaditia

Business Development Xfers Indonesia

Pratiwi Gunawan

Founder Coinveritas

Hansen Malau

Founder Ada Apa Dengan Bitcoin

Donate for Indonesian students

Support Indonesian students to participate in this conference. We believe that Indonesia young people need to learn Bitcoin as on of the technology that can disrupt the traditional finance.

By donating, you can support the scholarships for 300 students in all over Indonesia to participate in Indonesia Bitcoin Conference and to get Bitcoin course along with certifications.

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