Lightning Hackathon
Oct 7th-25th, 2023


About Hackathon

Welcome to the first Indonesia Lightning Hackathon. This Hackathon is part of the Legend of Lightning Global Hackathon.

Our hackathon is not just about coding; it’s a mission-driven event aimed at solving real problems in Indonesia using Bitcoin Lightning Network. Organized into teams, members will work together to find the most innovative projects using the Lightning Network, bitcoin layer 2 technology.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer in the world of coding, the hackathon welcomes all participants to join this exciting competition. 

The hackathon will feature a total prize of $10,000 sponsored by the Human Rights Foundation and Fulgur Ventures.

What is Lightning Network?

Lightning Network, is a layer-2 solution on the Bitcoin blockchain, that allows instant transactions with low fees. Lightning Network can process millions of transactions within seconds. With Lightning Network users can create transactions without needing to wait for confirmation on the blockchain. The payment is done by opening a payment channel between users. 

What will you get? 

  • Gain practical knowledge about Lightning Network, LND, Payment Channels and many more
  • Connect with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and professionals in the bitcoin space.
  • Enhance your coding skills and problem-solving abilities by tackling real-world challenges faced by Indonesia. Work on projects that can have a tangible impact on society.
  • Showcase your talent and innovative ideas to a diverse audience, especially to the bitcoin-focused VCs.
  • Benefit from guidance and support from experienced mentors throughout the hackathon.
  • Find teammates from Indonesia and around the world, with complementary skills and expertise to collaborate on exciting projects. 


Everyone is welcome to join whether you have coding skills or not, makers can also submit no-code projects, especially design prototypes. You can also join other groups and showcase your skill.  
However, the judging criteria will favor projects that have been successfully executed, including code.


1st Place – $5,000 (75,000,000 IDR)
2nd Place – $3,000 (45,000,000 IDR)
3rd Place – $2,000 (30,000,000 IDR) 

Prizes are presented by Human Rights Foundation and Fulgur Ventures

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation – Is it something we’ve seen before or does it bring something new and exciting to bitcoin and beyond?
  • Product Market Fit – Does it provide value to the Bitcoin ecosystem and beyond? Does it help to solve current problem in Indonesia
  • Scalability – How well will this product scale for either Indonesia or global adoption
  • Attention to details – How well has the project been executed?
  • User Experience – How well has the application or feature been designed?
  • Extra cool – Does the project have that extra level of coolness? 



Registration opens from July 30th-October 6th

Online Session (Oct 7th-8th)

Join the online session on October 7-8 with our speakers that will teach you about the fundamentals of Bitcoin and Lightning Network. The session will be done either live or asynchronously through the online platform

Team Formation and Mentorship (Oct 9th-21st)

You will find your team and start working on your project, you can get access to different mentors that will guide you through the process. Submit your project through the Bolt.Fun platform

In Person Demo (Oct 25th)

Fly to Bali ✈️ to join the in-person demonstration to the judges at the conference venue, Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur starts at 09:00 AM Bali Time.

Bitcoin Conference (Oct 26th-27th)

Participate in Indonesia Bitcoin Conference and learn more about bitcoin and lightning network from our experts speakers. At the end of the conference we will announce the winner.

Continue Hacking for the Global Hackathon (Dec 2023)

You are still eligible to win up to 3 BTC by participating in the Legend of Lightning Hackathon. The Judging for Global Hackathon will be on December 2023.


What is the difference between Lighting Hackathon and Legend of Lightning?

The Lightning Hackathon is one of the side events of the Indonesia Bitcoin Conference. We are also participating in the Legend of Lightning Global Hackathon. There will be two different judging mechanisms. The Indonesia Lightning Hackathon judging will happen on October 25th, and the Global Legend of Lightning Hackathon will happen in mid-December 2023.

No, regardless of your performance at the local lightning hackathon, you still have a chance to win the global competition. We hoped that even after the local lightning hackathon was over, you would continue to develop your project and refine it so that you could compete in the Legend of Lightning. 

Even though the judging criteria will favor projects that have been successfully executed including code, you can also submit no-code projects and request people to join your team. Or you can also join other teams that require your skills. This is a collaborative space. 

You can purchase the conference ticket if you wish to attend the judging in person in Bali, take part in the conference, and learn more about bitcoin. We highly recommended that you join the conference. 


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