Dimas Surya Alfaruq


Indonesia Bitcoin Community

Dimas is a German-graduate Materials Science Engineer who has professional experience working in the world of Industry and Research in Germany and Switzerland from 2005 – 2021. In 2016, after reading the Whitepaper about Bitcoin, he got interested in exploring the world of Bitcoin and Crypto Assets. Driven by this interest, he took special courses on blockchain programming, bitcoin technology, ethereum, and asset management, and has obtained various certificates of completion in these fields. Then he had the opportunity to become a Decentralized Analyst on one of the Blockchain platforms, and this experience added deeper insight into the digital world.

Since 2020, he has been appointed as Head of Economics and Digitalization Studies at JALAR (INDONESIAN OVERSEAS ALUMNI NETWORK), a forum for overseas alumni who want to contribute positively to Indonesia. As Head, he conducted many workshops and webinars on Indonesia’s economy, investment, and digitalization, which invite many figures from government and the private sector.

In 2021, he decided to return to Indonesia to help with the Independent Campus program from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Technology, where he and his team designed and supervised the Independent Internship and Teaching Campus programs. After that, he worked as a TokoScholar Program Lead at Tokocrypto, where he focused on educating the public on the role of digital assets in the financial sector.

In early 2023, he wants to focus on the world of Bitcoin, including the industrial sector. Therefore, he took part in organizing the Bitcoin Conference in Indonesia for the first time. Within the Indonesian Bitcoin Community Association, he plays the role of Senior Business Development Manager.