Pratiwi Gunawan



Pratiwi Gunawan is a passionate advocate for Bitcoin and the decentralized revolution it represents. Her journey into the Bitcoin space began in 2013 while studying Information Sociology in Taiwan. With a background in global political economy, she was intrigued when she stumbled upon articles discussing Bitcoin as the “Internet of Money.” However, lacking official and convincing resources, she dismissed it as just another fleeting fad or potential internet scam.

After completing her business major and returning to Indonesia, Pratiwi reached out to her friends, who were stock investors, hoping to gather more information about Bitcoin. Unfortunately, they believed it was nothing more than a scam. Undeterred, Pratiwi continued her search for knowledge.

In 2019, a fortuitous encounter with a social media post by an old friend changed everything for Pratiwi. The post delved into the flaws of the current international monetary system, highlighting Bitcoin as a potential solution. It was a turning point that ignited her curiosity and encouraged her to take her first step into the Bitcoin space. With newfound courage, Pratiwi made her first Bitcoin purchase and urged her old friends to join her in organizing the first Bitcoin-only conference in Indonesia.

The success of the conference and the enthusiastic response from attendees motivated Pratiwi to establish the legal Indonesia Bitcoin Community. She firmly believes that communities play a pivotal role in fostering greater adoption of Bitcoin worldwide. Understanding the fear and hesitation many individuals face when considering their first foray into Bitcoin, Pratiwi is committed to providing a supportive environment where people can gain knowledge, share experiences, and build confidence in embracing this revolutionary technology.

Pratiwi’s dedication to the Bitcoin cause extends beyond community-building. Currently, she is a wealth preservation specialist in Indonesia, leveraging her expertise to help individuals protect their financial assets in an increasingly uncertain world. Through her professional work and involvement in the Bitcoin community, Pratiwi is on a mission to drive positive change and empower others to take control of their financial futures.